Logic and Joy are back in the finale of Where My Loyalties Lie. We once again see that Logic is faced with dealing with the drama of the streets. Many questions must be answered. Will Rah and Moses get their just due or will Logic and Gotti go down in a hail of gunfire from the wheels set in motion by a blinded naive woman? Will Joy’s parents finally become real parents and embrace the love they should have for their child? Will Najah and Gotti find that everlasting love that they’ve witnessed blossom between Joy and Logic? Will Nova ever get it right?
All of these questions and more will be answered when you take this last ride with the crew. Strap up and hang on because the question of Loyalties will be answered and cemented in the annals of romance history. With a love so perfectly imperfect, Logic finally finds the answer that has eluded him his entire life: Logic’s Joy brings him a peace that passes all understanding and unequivocally answers that long awaited question: Where My Loyalties Lie.

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