Logic and Joy are back and things have gotten complicated. Logic is in a faceoff with Rah that tests the loyalty of his entire family. Nova is playing with fire because she can’t seem to understand that Rah is bad news. That one mistake could cost her tremendously. She needs to decide if Rah is worth the division that could potentially occur within her family.

Logic is falling back into his role as a leader, and his team is grateful. They’re regaining the respect that they lost due to Donte, and money is flowing. The only issue they have is Rah’s team coming for them. Logic refuses to allow them to fall and he’s on a mission to take Rah down, not only because he’s coming for his team, but also because he’s got his eyes set on Joy.

Gotti has stepped right into the role of Logic’s right hand, and he’s willing to do anything and everything to make sure they stay ahead of things. He will go to war with Logic, no questions asked, but will their relationship be challenged when he lays eyes on Najah? Loyalty or love is the question on the table when it comes to the two of them, and street code comes into play.

The line has been drawn and sides have to be chosen to see where loyalties lie.

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