Siah is fighting for his life while his family is trying to figure out who is behind it all. The situation has forced three generations to face off against each other and the line has been drawn.

Nonie wants to hold it together for Siah, but she’s losing faith hour by hour, especially when everyone around her seems to be doing the same. She eventually let’s go of a secret that she refused to share with anyone but Siah hoping that he’ll hear it and fight his way back to her.

Jock refuses to settle on the idea that he is about to lose his best friend and brother, who is basically the only family he really has, so he hits the streets in an effort to hold things down until Siah is able to share that load with him again.
Kizzie is trying her best to maintain some type of normalcy in her life, but unfortunately her twisted mother, continues to think that mama knows best. That is until Jock puts an end to it.
Laken is trying his best to figure things out and choose a side, but knowing that everyone blames him for Siah’s shoot makes that difficult. With major loss and prospects of a new love, he has the potential to find his way.

Love, Secrets and Lies make for a complicated web of family drama and a test of loyalty. Who wins and loses when life comes at you with a vengeance?

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