With a gun in his hand and several aimed at his head, Yosiah just got the shock of his life. The enemy he was facing off against was now supposedly blood. Was it true? Did his family have secrets that were spilling out of the closet?

To make matters worse, the person who revealed it to him was Nonie. Is it possible that she knew Laken better than she claimed? As much as it pained him to consider the possibility, Siah had to. Things had just gone from bad to worse and he needed answers, so for now, Laken would get a pass, but not for long.

Things with Nonie were spiraling out of control. She had Siah questioning her loyalty and Laken begging her to cross him. That wasn’t even a possibility, so there wasn’t a choice to be made. Problem was, she had to convince Yosiah that she was riding for him and only him.

After finding out all of Red’s secrets, Kizzie walked away, or at least that’s what she thought, but Red had other plans. He refused to let her go, which meant that he was taking matters into his own hands. Unfortunately for him, he would have to get past Jock first. That was a situation which could ultimately be detrimental to his health.

Jock, on the other hand, had made up his mind that he and Kizzie were going to make some moves or he was moving on. He refused to continue playing games with her, no matter how much he loved her. If she didn’t get her mind right, then he was walking away, and for good this time. As complicated as it was, he wasn’t about to be stuck in a situation where he couldn’t get what he needed, especially when he was willing to lay it all on the line.

Laken had been so determined to avenge his father after he spent his life hearing how Senior had done him wrong, that he was not thinking clearly. That is until he received some information from an unlikely source that changed his whole outlook on things. Would it make him rethink his decision to take out his own blood, or would it just make him more driven to get it done?

It’s time for this crew to choose a side. Loyalty and love aren’t always enough when it comes to matters of the heart, so Siah, Nonie, Kizzie and Jock are being tested in ways they never imagined. Their circle is strong, but will it be able to hold up when its challenged by life’s pitfalls? With problems on the horizon, and enemies in the shadows, lines are being drawn and crossed. Hopefully these four can hold it together and survive without losing their way.

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