Hello and Welcome,

Over the past three years, I have skillfully been crafting stories about life, families, love and the things that ordinary people go through. I’ve covered everything from the need and desire to feel whole to the moment you realize that the one thing you needed most in life, has walked right into yours.


My stories are generally classified as Urban Romance Fiction however, they are full of the realism that we all experience on a daily basis. My goal is to masterfully create and present to you stories and characters in a way that you feel their spirits, the depths of their souls, their strengths, and weaknesses. I attempt to break them down and expose their imprecations and flaws in a way that has you feeling as if they are someone you could pass on a crowded sidewalk or sit next to in a cozy cafe.


What I write is fiction, but these characters are as real as they get. Their stories are your stories and their lives are your lives. When they win, you cheer for them, when they let you down or deceive you, you feel a tug in your chest and fire in your soul. When they find or lose love, you experience the highs and lows with them. I want my characters to be a part of you so that you can feel them as deeply as I do.


I pray that my gift makes you, laugh, cry, smile and mumble obscenities because you feel their connections so deeply in your soul.


Thanks so much to anyone who has ever taken the time to read one single word that I’ve crafted.