When someone threatens your loved ones, you must move which caution to guarantee that they don’t pay the price for someone else’s sins.

Lock and Trip find out that because of Tee’s selfish choices, they now owe a debt to Nolan, and intends to use it to control them. All they want to do is settle into their lives with the women who have stolen their hearts and build their empire. Unfortunately, what they have is not what they thought it was. The two find that sometimes the ones you trust the most are the ones who will betray you the worst. Neither of them are willing to allow Breden and Key to get stuck in the middle of their bad choices.

Snakes have reared their heads, and bloodlines have been challenged.

Tee doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself, no matter how much he claims to love his daughter. Will Key find out who her father really is, or will she be fooled into building something with the man who secretly wants to take her away from the one good thing in her life.

With family secrets that kill, enemies who want everything that they’ve worked for to fail, and a new snake in the grass, will Lock and Trip be able to hold on to their power as well as their love?

When the Streets don’t play fair, you have to rise to the occasion or lose it all, including the ones who have stolen your heart!

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