There’s always a calm before the storm, but when the storm takes over, who will survive its fury?
The past rears it’s ugly head and the Karsen men have to prove why they’re the Kings of Philly.
Detective Rogers has a score to settle and plans to use April to level the playing field. Will she be an advisory or an Ally?
Siin had finally won Bliss over, but will Gerald let her go, or will he risk his life in the battle to remain a part of hers?
Cooper can’t seem to rid himself of the mistakes that Kellie has made, but will his son be the one to suffer the most?
The Karsen men just can’t seem to catch a break no matter how hard they try, and the women who have vowed to love them have to decide if the can handle their dark sides.
There’s a price to pay when you give your heart to a hood king, but unfortunately when that Crazy, Dope, Hood Kind of Love comes your way, all you can do is brace yourself and enjoy the ride.

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