That Crazy, Dope, Hood Kinda Love 2


When things get bad, they get really bad, but the Karsens don’t ever let anyone see them sweat.

Cooper refuses to let Kellie take the one good thing she brought into his life, their son, Bryson, and he will do whatever necessary to keep his son.

With everything happening all at once, he can’t possibly focus on starting something new with Lari, or can he? And how many times will she allow him to shut her out before she walks and doesn’t look back?

It’s business as usual for Siin until Bliss makes him reconsider just how committed he’s willing to be. Problem is, she’s not quite ready to commit herself. Will he be able to change her mind, or will Siin just be stuck wanting what he can’t have?

Fleet and April have things all figured out, but unfortunately for them, life has a way of testing that bond. Fleet has found his one and refuses to let anyone or anything stop her shine or steal their joy. If that means a hands on approach, then it is what it is.

Trouble is lurking in the shadows for the Karsen men, but it’s never anything that they can’t handle, even if it means heads will roll. The story continues with love, lies, and chaos. Who will be left standing when the smoke clears?

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