Serenity received the shock of her life when her assistant called her in Miami to inform her that the unthinkable had occurred back at home. The devastating news came on the heels of her horrific encounter with June’s crazy ex. She was really starting to regret ever taking a chance on him. Not only has his ex, Sorrie, made her a social media joke, but she could have possibly taken away the one thing that meant the most to her.
June was already in too deep with Serenity to allow her to walk, but unfortunately he may not have a choice. Serenity blames him for her recent misfortunes and freezes him out of her life. He’s not really the type to take no for an answer, so no matter how hard Serenity pushes him away, he just pushes even harder. How hard will he fight before he gives up?
Nixon finally decides to give Jy a chance, and is ready to move forward with him. Things spiral out of control when her past love refuses to let go. He’s playing dirty, and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.
Jy becomes unhinged when he realizes what’s really going on with Nixon, and takes matters into his own hands. He’s bound and determined to be with her, even if he has to take a life. To him, it’s just details.
Will Serenity and Nixon, give in and play by the Frost brothers’ rules? All is not always fair is love and war, which the Frost brother’s are starting to slowly realize

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