Mero Perez is all things to all people. He’s handsome, confident, and unmistakably thuggish in every sense of the word. Mero Perez is in demand, but he’s very selective about who he lets in his world. For the ones he loves, he honors, protects, and will do any and everything necessary to make sure they live a life of royalty.

After fifteen years in the streets, he’s built a world that allows him to give all things to those he loves and to live without regrets. What else is there to do besides walk away and enjoy everything that he’s worked so hard to gain? If only it were that easy. It’s proving to be more difficult than he assumed it would be.

Within the blink of an eye, his world begins crashing down around him. The wife that he’s loved for the past six years has secrets that will end them, while his family becomes a target of an unknown assailant. Everything that he believed true about his life is slowly changing, including the woman who now holds his interest.

Khaleel Perez has a reckless mouth and even more reckless behavior. Aside from the security of the life that he’s built alongside the only man he trusts, his cousin Mero, Khaleel puts very little importance on much else. He loves women, and they love him even more.

With his good looks and stacked accounts, he has an endless supply of them who won’t deny him anything. Well, all except the one he refuses to give in to. Khaleel finds himself questioning his unfaithful ways for a woman who has very little interest in locking him down. That one fact about her makes him want her more, but between finding out who’s targeting his family and following through with plans to step down and leave the streets, along with his cousin, Mero, will he find time to change her mind, or does he even care?

Six Tillman’s life was forever changed when her ex did the unthinkable and caused her to lose something so dear to her that she knows she’ll never be able to forgive him. She packs up and moves south to rid herself of the pain he caused, and finds herself in Atlanta with the only family she knows and loves.

While staying with her cousin, Mauri, and Mauri’s two-year-old son, Micah, Six begins to piece her life together build her photography career so that she can stand on her own. Her first job puts her front and center with the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on, but she has to check her lustful feelings at the door. Six quickly learns that Mero Perez might be all things to all people, but to Six, he simply needs to be a paycheck. That seems to be more of a problem and challenge than she can handle or avoid when his life begins to change, leaving him with a new found interest in Six.

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