Mero finds himself in a dark place, and the only way for him to find peace is to end Santana permanently. However, as the saying goes, God watches out for babies and fools. Will this be the case for her, or will he pull the trigger and walk away?

Six being pregnant is in a battle with old wounds that her family created. If she can’t find peace with her past, how will she be able to give her best to Mero and their child?

Mauri and Khaleel have found their way, and things are finally beginning to fall into place for them, but both the exes seem to keep finding their way into that happy space. When you get pushed too far, you either find a permanent solution or never find peace. Khaleel and Mauri both have decisions to make in order to protect their happiness.

Lee is learning day by day that nothing is as bad as is seems when you have the love and support of someone who gives their heart unconditionally and will do any and everything possible to make sure you come out on top. Joey is all that for her and more.

Unforgettable Lee is Joey’s only peace of mind right now. Things with his brother have gotten even more complicated, and it’s looking like the only solution is for Joey to end his brother’s life… The question is, can he?

The final installment is full of twists, turns, and resolutions, but you have to read to find out who will have their happy ending. The Perez family is waiting… enjoy!

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