Six finds herself in a scary place and about to lose it all yet again. The universe wouldn’t be that cruel, would it?

Mero knows that his life should come with a warning label, but never did he think that it would potentially cause such severe consequences. It seems as if he can’t catch a break, and there’s no way that he can allow the world around him to crumble while the ones he loves become collateral damage.

Mauri is faced with the struggle of her life when her son’s father allows his family to do the unthinkable. The only bright side to her dilemma is that one man loves her enough to be her solution by any means necessary.

Khaleel and Mero find out that nothing is as black and white as it seems when they potentially have to change their plans to step down after righting a wrong that’s connected to their bloodline. Revenge may not always be the answer, but it certainly helps you sleep better at night.

Lee feels that the world is playing a cruel joke on her when she learns that her dream has gone up in flames, but Joey is determined to help her create a new destiny. The only problem is that the streets seem to keep rearing its ugly head, so he’s torn between the person he loves and the life he chose. To make matters worse, family issues find a way into his already complicated life, causing him to draw a line in the sand that he knows will eventually be crossed. But when its time, will he be able to do what’s necessary?

Sit back and relax while the drama builds, and what’s done in the dark begins to show in the light…

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