Greetings Beautiful People,


If you’re a reader, even an author who reads, then you likely have your favorite authors and there is likely a list of reasons why you love your favorite authors. It could be the way they craft a book that puts you right in the middle of it allowing you to feel as if you’re connected to the characters or it could be that they craft their stories in a way that is fast paced so that it pulls you in and gives you a rush. Maybe its the fact that the author takes you on a journey where there is a slow build and it allots you the time to grow and learn as the author develops the characters or the plot. Undoubtedly, there is something that allows you to claim that author as your favorite. It’s their signature style that you learn to appreciate and love.


That’s a beautiful thing and something that we as authors value. Speaking loosely for those of us who are master storytellers, we absolutely loathe the idea of being compared to others. We invest time in perfecting our craft so that it’s unique and original. We want to stand out and brand your mind in a way that you might consider, allowing us the honor of being your favorite. That can only happen when readers are open to allowing us to travel in our own lanes.

I personally appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I have put my heart and soul into. I am also devastated when I get the “its not like so and so, or so and so gets to the plot faster or so and so took their time to build…”


My stories are my babies and I love and protect them as such. A well thought out and formulated critique of “my” work is one thing but when its compared to the thousands of others who are not me in a way that tears down something that I have poured met soul into is really a gut punch. Authors are artists in a sense, (and we’re sensitive about our….) we are all different and have our own way of doing things. The stories may be similar but if an author truly loves their craft, their stories will never be the same as “so and so”. Reason being, their work will be an extension of their soul. All people are different so that means the work will own their signature style. You could provide a list of facts, outline a story and hand it off to one hundred different authors and say bring this to life. Upon completion, you would receive one hundred very different stories. No one person is going to tell their story quite the same. They way I weave my literary web, will certainly not be the same as the next, no matter how identical the outlines that were originally provided were. I say that to say this, I’m me, I have my own way of doing things and would love for anyone who takes a literary journey with me, to allow me to paint my own literary masterpiece. I would love for you to enjoy it with the benefit of an open mind and a certain freedom, that you can see me, and not “so and so”.


Life is too short to be boxed in, so let’s just live and enjoy the beauty in all things.