Black pushes Miego too far when he abducts Yami and Ray. There is no way Miego is about to let harm come to either one of them, so a face-off with Black is inevitable. Once things have calmed down and Yami and Ray are back where they belong, the past resurfaces and Miego learns information from an unlikely source about how he ended up with a three year bid. With his new found knowledge, Miego goes on a mission of retribution. Yaz has finally accepted Miego, realizing that he is the best thing that could have ever happened to her sister, but they can’t get along to save their lives. When Yaz lets go and allows her sister to live her life, it frees up time for her to focus on herself, and she crosses paths with Memphis. Problem is, she falling fast and not sure what to do about it. On top of that, she discovered that Memphis and Miego are old friends. Can the world get any smaller? Black is still up to no good and bitter about the fact that Yami has decided to move on, but instead of being a man about it, he decides to fight dirty. Killing Miego would be too easy, so he plots to take everything he has, including Yami. Will this backfire on him or will he get his revenge? Miego and Yami are settling into life as a new family unit, despite the chaos around them. Will they make it to the next stage or will the outside forces win and take away their small piece of heaven?

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