When you push a savage to that point, be ready to pay with your life. The consequences far outweigh the risk.

Zaire Karter had found himself yet again in the middle of a complicated situation as far as women go. He experiences a feeling like deja vu when he finds out that Shani is connected to a past that he was trying hard to forget. Will he be able to let his walls down to trust her enough to know that she’s nothing like the disaster before her?

Shani Howard was finally settling into what she thought would be a new lease on life and love when she too has a past that tries to creep back in. She escaped him once and had no plans to relive that nightmare, but will she have a say in the matter?

Zyan Karter and Jaheim Wright are well on their way to building a future, and neither of them are willing to let anyone or anything stop them. Jah is building a name for himself in Atlanta while Zyan is learning patience while he does it. Will they figure out a way to meet in the middle, or will they get in their own way and lose a chance to have their happy ending?

Durham Clayton finds himself on the short end of time when Cody informs him that the one person he wants the most is in danger. Never mind the fact that she wants nothing to do with him. Will he get to her in time, and if he does, will this seal his destiny and exclude him from any chances at a future with her?

Lines are crossed, and relationships are challenged. Loyalties are tested, and lives will be taken. Will it all be worth the ride, or will the Savage State Of Mind cost them their chance at having it all?

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