Sometimes, the consequences of our actions far outweigh the benefit of them.

In this installment of Ridin’ With the Realest, lines have been crossed, and it’s time to pay the price.

Charlie and Fray are trying their best to hang in there, but outside forces don’t want them to find peace.

Tek lets his ego get the best of him, and it leads to him staring death right in the eyes. Will he live through his latest bad decision, or will Fray make it in time to ensure that Tek’s latest mistake is his last?

Reg discovers that sometimes you have to take a chance, but is he prepared for the responsibility of what comes with that, and will he be convincing enough to keep Asia from walking?

Yaz and Luke are still trying to find their way, but issues seem to keep surfacing. However, this time the tables have turned, and it’s his past that rears its ugly head.

These couples have been pushed to the edge, and now it’s time to go over it or fight. Who will survive the next wave of destruction? And when the dust settles, will the bonds still be there, or will it have all been in vain?
The twist and turns keep coming, and the story continues!

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