Things are spiraling out of control, and Fray is caught up on the wrong side of a bad situation.

In the midst of the storm, Charlie found one good thing that gave her hope, while Fray fell into a situation that he didn’t know he needed. They both have opened themselves up to the possibility of a new beginning, but life keeps getting in the way.

Will Hawk finally get the revenge that he’s been looking for, or will Charlie be able to step up and ride for the one who unexpectedly stole her heart?

Tek is feeling an all time high as he partners up with a mystery woman who could potentially help him secure a major deal. Because of his new partnership, Yaz finds herself out on the streets and at her lowest point. This low point makes her realize that she has to do better for herself, but she has burned so many bridges that she doesn’t have anyone in her corner.

As fate would have it, Yaz finds support and friendship in the unlikeliest place, and she must separate her feelings in order to regain control of her dysfunctional life. Too bad those around her don’t believe that she has any redeeming qualities, or do they?

Will Charlie and Fray get to explore their connection or are his days numbered? Will Yaz get to prove that she can be a better person, or will it all be in vain? Part two exposes new secrets as well as new faces and budding relationships. The journey has just begun, and there’s so much to be discovered.

Love, lies, and betrayal definitely play out as this story unfolds, and the key players have to choose sides and choose wisely.
The wrong move could be deadly. The stakes are at an all time high, but that’s to be expected when you’re Ridin’ With The Realest!

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