Theory and the gang are back at it. When Charlotte shows up, Rain has to decide if she’s willing to take on the responsibility of having a sister again, but what she quickly learns is that Charlotte comes with a lot of baggage.
Just when Theory and Frank think that things are settling down, they realize that even after death, Niles is still causing problems in their lives. His promises and partnerships create an enemy for Theory and Frank, who’s coming for them and he’s coming hard.
Rain receives a surprise visit from her adoptive parents that shake things up a little, forcing some tension into Rain and Theory’s relationship.
Diamond comes face to face with Frank’s past, after he’s forced to bring Rachel in to protect her, while he is constantly trying to convince Diamond that she is all he wants or need. Rain and Theory have been through a lifetime of struggle, yet the drama never seems to end. Will they finally find their happy place and be able to get back to the place they want to be most? Or will life keep getting in the way?

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