After finally finding her heart’s keeper, and trying to make up for lost time, things go terribly wrong for Rain when Theory lands on the wrong end of a bad situation. Rain has to pull it together and be the strength that Theory can’t be for himself.
With nothing left to chance, Theory has to hit the streets to find out who had an ax to grind with him. With Frank by his side they are on a mission to get revenge, and to make things worse, he has to find time to fix what Lani and her father have screwed up in Rain’s life.
Just when Frank and Diamond are figuring things out, desitny shows up and gives Frank a reason to rethink his decision.
Family can make you or break you, and Rain quickly finds out that she can’t hide from hers. Adopted or not, she’s not exempt from family drama, and her sister, Charlotte, is the definition of trouble.
Will the crew survive and make it to the next stage in their lives, or will they fall victim to the choices that they’ve made along the way.

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