Family over everything is the one rule to live by, but what happens when they cost you seven years of your life and six with a son that you didn’t know about?

Sha’kim was the only thing keeping his family together, but when his bad choices lead he and his bother down a dark path that ended with one of them having to do time, Sha’kim decided that he would be the one to take the hit. Keaton was his responsibility and never would have been in the streets had Sha’kim not allowed him to.

Seven years later, Sha’kim is fresh out of prison and ready to make up for lost time with his family and his son. With a newfound perspective on what’s important, he now has to decide how to live the right way and if love should even be an option, given the fact that he’s just beginning to figure out his life.

Keaton was just another kid trying to make it until one mistake caused his brother to make a choice, family or freedom. Once the decision was made, Keaton had to step up and become the head of his family, which now included not only his mother and sister but a nephew whose mother had no interest in parenting. Unfortunately, the streets were the only way to make the type of money he needed, even though the streets were what put him in the position in the first place.

After years of hustling and grinding, Keaton managed to juggle it all and become one of the biggest indie rappers the world has ever seen, which allowed him to successfully take over where he brother left off with supporting the family. However, his past seemingly finds its way back into the equation and threatens to tear down everything he’s built. Not only is his past threatening to take away his life but also a chance at finally settling down with the right one.

Rayna felt like her world came crashing down on her when her brother was sentenced to prison. Without a father in her life, Sha’kim had easily taken on that role. When he left her behind to protect Keaton, Rayna sought out attention in any way possible, usually in the bed of older men. She had no interest in love but meets a man who forces his way into her life. What happens when she finds out that he’s connected to all the bad things that could undoubtedly to tear her family apart.

Love and life are tested as this family faces the reality that what you do in the dark will surely come to light. Loyalty is pushed to the limits in matters of the heart, and they have to fight to find that one thing or person that will hold them together while fate is working to tear them apart.

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