The past keeps resurfacing, and tensions are high. The Garner men are being targeted because of secrets and lies that will soon come to light. Not only that, but the women in their lives are feeling pressure as well and are not exempt from being pulled into the chaos. Ray’s heart is crushed because she is forced to choose between love and family, while Sen and Naj have to embrace the fact that the men they love will never really escape their past. Once the streets have a hold on you, it’s impossible for anyone to shake free.

Grey has the weight of the world on his shoulders because he knows that he will have to commit the ultimate sin, but will he be able to follow through? After all, blood should equal loyalty, right? These couples have already been to hell and back, but the problems have only just begun. How much can they take before they give up and walk away? Will it even be worth it and if they decide that it is? Will they be able to survive the storm to enjoy their happily ever after? Anything goes in the pursuit to secure your heart and Never Love Another but just how far are these couples willing to go to make it happen?

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