Julius is feeling the pressure so he’s starting to play dirty. Nick is hopeful that he will get a second chance with Lauren but he has to get past Cameron first. Cali is torn as he takes a backseat, while he and Ron do as promised, and let Cameron and Canan handle the war their facing with Julius. Cali also struggles with the fact that Katherine is gone but life moves one. Like it or not he has to decide if he deserves a second chance at love. Menken steps up his role with the Sands family which puts his life in danger while also learning whether or not his personal life will be altered with a new edition. The truth may cause him to lose Chy in the process. Lauren is stuck right in the middle between the family she was born into verse the family she chose and it seriously complicates things, forcing her to make some tough decisions. All and all the Sands family have some serious complications that they are faced with and hopefully they will still be standing when the dust settles.

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