Cameron Sands, or better known as Cam in the streets, had been by his father’s side running BCE for as long as he could remember. But after his mother passed and his father, Terry “Big Cali” Sands decided that it was time for him to finally step down, Cameron could only think of one person he wanted by his side and that was his little brother, Canan. Canan “School Boy” Sands grew up around his father’s empire but elected to keep his hands clean and stay out of the family business. However, now that his father was stepping down, both Cam and Big Cali had been urging Canan to step up and take his father’s place. Even though Canan had been around the business all his life, he never really saw himself being a part of it, but now that he just graduated from college and couldn’t figure out what was next, he finally gave in and stepped up to be by his brother’s side and run BCE. Family over everything, so when Cam said he needed his brother by his side, Canan knew what he had to do.

Avery is missing, and Tasha is having a mental break while Dezzy and Chelsey’s lives are hanging on by a thread at the hand of Canan. Cameron is on lockdown because Justine couldn’t leave well enough alone, while Lauren is struggling to make sense of the fact that Cameron has been taken away in handcuffs just hours after the birth of their daughter. Menken has to step up while Mic, Cameron and Canan are dealing with their life issues, just as his past catches up with him causing his life with Chy to quickly unravel. The Sands brothers are being pulled in every direction but the right one, and BCE is suffering because of it. To make matters worse, Marley has touched down and creating problems that need to be dealt with, causing Cali to have to make some tough choices about his son and the organization. Will the Sands come out on top or will their situations overpower and get the best of them?

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