The Sands brothers took a major hit when Cane gets shot, and he wakes up in the hospital with a score to settle. The reality of running BCE with Cameron, finally hits Canan and he’s realizing that his life has drastically changed. Canan has to figure out how to find a balance in the streets and at home, which is going to take some getting used to.
Chelsey just can’t get it through her head that Cane has moved on and is happy, so she tries everything within her power to figure out a way to end their happiness. She might be delusional, but as far as she’s concerned, she deserves a life with Canan, a life that Avery stole from her. So, she has her mind made up that she will not stop until Avery is out of the picture. That is until she realizes that there might be life after Canan, thanks to the chance at a new love. But will it be too late, since she has set something in motion to end Avery’s life that she didn’t even know she had a hand in?
Avery is learning to deal with her new life with Canan and now that she’s pregnant, she’s quickly learning that she now has more to lose than she could have ever imagined. But, that doesn’t stop her from making a deadly mistake by allowing her past to resurface and cause problems with her and Canan.
Cam and Lauren are finally figuring things out, but the second they start to fall into a happy life preparing for the birth of their daughter, Justine drops a bomb that is about to complicate things for both her and Cam. Justine needs Cam’s finical support and even though she doesn’t really care about their son, CJ, she has to use him to get what she wants.
Chy and Menken are falling fast, while Menken is moving up the ranks fast with BCE. Chy has a secret of her own that she’s hiding from her family, while Menken has a personal secret that he’s hiding from Chy that could possible cause her to walk away and never look back.
The Sands brothers are struggling to keep their personal lives together, while a new threat enters the picture. They are at risk of going to war, and with their growing families, they are both trying their best to hold it all together.

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