Misson Alexander is not the type of man who can be told what to do, but when he finds himself faced with the decision to kill or be killed, he only has seconds to react. It’s no longer about him; it’s about the ones he has willingly and unwillingly given his heart to.

Tayah fought with every fiber of her being to deny that her heart belonged to the one person she refused to give it to, but unfortunately, love has a way of making that decision for you. However, she might lose it all when Mission has to face the reality of his life choices.

Why give your heart away only to have it shattered is the burning question that Myon seems to be faced with. Navarro promised his love and loyalty, only to prove her wrong and be caught up yet again in another situation with his ex. Myon has to decide whether he’s worth the time she’s invested, and it’s not looking like its going to play out in his favor.

Navarro is a dark soul with a good heart. His only fault is that the women in his life get more chances than they deserve. Will he be able to hold on to the one who truly should receive all that he has to give, or will he have to lose in order to protect the one person who has always been in his corner. The street life has caught up with Navarro and Mission both, and priorities sometimes push love to the side.

It’s not easy to have it all, which the Alexander men quickly learn when the Nolan women have to decide if they’re willing to accept the good with the bad. It’s all of nothing, and the stakes are high, but its well worth the ride, or is it?

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