Cage is thrown back into the street life and will do whatever it takes to protect his brothers, but at the same time, he has to think of his son and Desai. Keeping his family out of harm’s way and not falling back into the street life is the only thing on Cage’s mind. Will Cage be able to protect his family from a brewing street war, or will he be sucked back into his old lifestyle?

After the craziness of the event, Desai isn’t even sure if she has a job anymore. Her best friend used her to cause havoc in other people’s lives, and now Desai must figure out what she will do next.

Smith’s revelations have torn Crane and Shy’s relationship to pieces, and it may be beyond repair. It will be up to Crane to prove to Shy that their love can overcome anything. Crane’s personal life is out of control, and an enemy is out lurking in the shadows and waiting for a vulnerable moment to pounce. That vulnerability will cause Crane to lose someone close to him and force him to change his priorities. Will Crane be able to win Shy back and become a family with her and the baby they have on the way, or has he done too much to be forgiven?

Crane and Cage have always put family first, and now that includes their little brother, Keem. Will they be able to get their personal lives in order and protect their families from the streets? The Andrews brothers are definitely Lost in That Hood Love, but will that be their ultimate downfall?

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