Sometimes you find love in the unlikeliest places, and just because you find it doesn’t mean it’s yours to keep. Reason is trying to figure out her life, which is hard enough, but add in Bronx Harris, and you have a whole set of other issues. Bronx, is an underground rapper/street hustler who is perfectly content with being New York’s best kept secret. As long as his city showed love, the world didn’t need to know just how great he was, but trust that his hometown considered him untouchable. He’s the type of guy that you either love or hate, and most find themselves on the hate side. In the first few times that Bronx and Reason crossed paths, that was exactly her opinion of him. He was blunt, uncaring, and appeared to be entitled. Not in the sense that he was better, but just in the fact that he had no regard for anyone else’s feelings, nor did he make apologies for that. Unfortunately for them both, fate intervened, and the two find themselves caught in the middle of an unexpected connection where their lives are intertwined in a way that challenges them both. Brooklyn “Brim” Harris, is a playboy by nature. Being street born and raised has given him the key ingredients to being what the ladies love, and he uses that to his full advantage. His main priority is watching his brother’s back, hitting the streets, pleasing the women, and keeping his pockets full. What happens when he meets his one? Teagan is your typical good girl loving the wrong guy, or is she? Truth be told, she’s the one who walked when she felt disrespected, but her heart was another story. Will Brim be the one to change that, or will she be the one to change him? Sometimes what you think you want is not what life delivers. You just have to roll with it or find yourself forever waiting for that life you think you deserve. But if you’re in, you have to be all in because Hood Love makes no apologies when it tests your heart.

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