“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Bronx quickly realizes that one stupid moment could cost him everything. Will he learn that sometimes the surrender is more important than the fight, or will he lose the one person who he wants the most? Brim has been pulled under Teagan’s magical spell without even realizing that his heart was no longer his own. Unfortunately, her insecurities about whether or not his love is solely hers causing issues that threaten their happy union. Not to mention a few lose ends from the past potentially ignite a spark of doubt in both of them. Torren has been hit with so many uncertainties that he can barely believe in and hang on to what’s real. No matter what, he vows to make the most of what little brings him happiness. However, Ayah might not be able to escape her family drama in order to remain in his life. She could find herself trapped in a legal nightmare that she can’t escape. Edge thought that life was perfect having his cake and eating it too, but he potentially learns that sometimes what you think is having it all is really losing what or who is most important. The Harris Men and those connected to them have weaved a tangled web of complicated love, and its getting more intense with every lingering emotion. Will they get it together and give in, or will they let their egos and bad decisions cost them their forever?

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