Bronx finds himself opening up to the possibility of letting someone in, but will Reason decide to take that leap with him? Brooklyn had his mind made up that he wouldn’t completely give his all to Teagan, but will she force his hand and make him give her what no one else has? Karma finds Torren, but it might just be the one thing he needs to get his life on track. But can his past really just be his past? Edge’s skeletons seem to escape the closet that he’s been hiding them in when a blast from their past decides to resurface. She’s selfish, conniving, and deceitful, as well as bound and determined to get back the one thing she lost. But the question we all want to know is… Who is she? Secrets can destroy even the strongest bonds, but when they were never solid in the first place, what happens? The Harris men and everyone in their circle are about to find that out when their lives come crashing down around them… or will they?

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