After Kenz is rushed to the hospital, she and Dre get some news that changes things in a major way. What should be the best news of their lives, shatters both their hearts.
With everything they had been through, all either of them wanted was a chance to just breathe and enjoy life. Dre has been seriously contemplating a permanent move to Miami, and now that Kenz is on board, the plan is set in motion.
Just when it seemed like they were about to have that chance, Dre is faced with yet another situation that complicates his life. Someone has been following him and leaving mysterious messages and he has no clue who it is. He enlists the help of Si to help him figure it out, and realizes that his blood ties have been right there around him for most of his life. Now he has to decide what that means to him.
A trip to Miami forces Livy to make a decision about just how serious things are with her and Josh. Josh is ready for something serious and has reached his limit with Livy’s indecisiveness.
With Dre about to finalize the purchase of his Miami property, Q has to face the reality of life without his brother, the one person who he has depended on for most of his life, and basically the only person he really trusts.
Life is happening around all of them, and all they can do is take it as it comes. Kenz and Dre are praying for their happy ending, but it seems they have to fight for it every step of the way. In the midst of their trials, one thing is certain. They love each other enough to see it through.

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