Dre and Kenz are back from Miami and closer than ever. Kenz is enjoying her new place, while Dre is trying to decide how long he can stand the distance between the two. Four days in Miami truly has Dre making plans for a more permanent life with Kenz.

Now that Dre has handled his business in Miami, he has one thing on his mind, and that’s handling Kenz’s father. That is until his past catches up with him. After one conversation with Kari in Miami, Dre quickly realizes that he made a terrible mistake, trying to correct this past with Kari. After Kari shows up at Avenues, she boldly announces that she has a secret that could potentially cause him to lose everything. His club, his financial security, and more importantly, Kenz. Kari wants money and money only. She couldn’t care less about having Dre, but she’s more than determined to ruin his life. Q is the only person that Dre can trust, so between the two of them, they have to figure out a way to stop Kari, who is out for blood.

Kenz has no idea that her relationship is being threatened by the fact that Dre could possibly end up in prison because of a past mistake. What she does know is that she found who she believes to be his sister. Unfortunately, Dre’s potential sister, who Kenz thinks she discovered by a simple run in at the mall, may have actually been targeting her. After going to the one person she shouldn’t have and asking for help, she too finds herself at risk of ruining her relationship.

Livy has to make some real hard choices, starting with the fact that a real man actually wants to show her love. Will she respect herself enough to give him a chance, or will she settle for life as she knows it and sell herself short?

Dre and Kenz are both keeping secrets that could cost them everything. Will the two be able to pull it together and find the good in two very bad situations or will it be the end of their happy union.

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