Just when Larken and Sydney begin to feel the calm, a flurry of problems begins to brew around the two of them, threatening to tear down what the two have work so hard to build.

Larken can’t seem to escape his past, and when his past begins to work its way into not only his current life, but Sydney’s as well, he’s left in a situation that just may cost him a price that he’s not willing to pay.

Family ties are a little more complicated than Reno and Larken ever imagined, but will it change the dynamics of who they allow into their circle or will they refuse to let the past change things?

Sydney is simply trying to move on with her life and be happy with the new love she’s found, but Rich has a way of controlling her future without even being around her. Will someone close to him step up to ensure that he gets what he deserves or will he find a way to escape the consequences of his actions?

With their eyes on the prize, no matter what, Sydney and Larken are determined to have their happily ever after, but when everything around them seems to be working against it, will it ever happen? Sometimes you just have to ride it out and hope that love conquers all.

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