Larken gets the surprise of his life when Jacie shows up and drops the pregnancy bomb on him. As much as he wants to deny her claim, he has no memory of the one drunken night they shared.

Sydney thought that things were finally falling into place when yet another part of Larken’s past intervenes threatening to disrupt their happy little world. Should she take that as a sign and run, or should she stand by her man?

Reno and Mel both realize that their perfect marriage isn’t so perfect after all. The two had both crossed lines that have them questioning if they were really as solid as they thought they were.
Rich has it all, yet he still wants more. His lust for Sydney puts him at risk of losing the family he loves so much. Not only is he out for revenge because Sydney chose Larken over him, but he’s also bound and determined to make Larken pay for forgetting where he came from.

With lines crossed, emotions running high, and enemies on the prowl, will Sydney and Larken find a way to survive what life throws at them, or will she truly find out that His Heart Ain’t Loyal, no matter how much he claims it is?

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