Essence finds herself right in the middle of DB’s chaotic life. That forces some doubt to resurface and she has to decide if being with him is worth the trouble. With bullets flying and a shooter nowhere in sight, DB is fed up and ready to take a life.

Devyn surfaces, but only to let DB know that she wasn’t the reason behind him getting shot. Or was she?

It seems like a past that Kayo and DB never knew existed is surfacing with a vendetta to settle.

Harlee and Kayo are happy, but does that mean that Harlee must forget about the ones who were there before him, in order to keep the peace?

Trouble seems to keep finding Harlee, and Kayo has to expose a side to her that she’d never seen. As far as he’s concerned, he’ll keep her safe by any means necessary but will she be able to accept that, and him?

Love isn’t always as easy as it should be, but when you find the real thing, you ride until the end. Harlee, Kayo, DB, and Essence have to decide if they can weather the storm as the Street Legacy Continues.

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