DB is fighting for his life because of the decision he has made in the past, while Harlee is fighting for her career and reputation.

Kayo is stuck in the middle of both situations. Lies come to light, and he realizes that there were a lot of snakes lurking. The ones closest to him have been the cause of many of his troubles.

After the dust settles and things start to calm down, Kayo is out for blood, but will he be albe to do what’s necessary to find resolution and move on?
Harlee gets caught up in a media nightmare and learns that Hannah cares more about bottom lines than her well being. She also has to come to terms with the fact that the two most important men in her life will never see eye to eye.

Will this end badly? With all the drama, issues, and lies, will Harlee and Kayo find peace, or will it be more than the two of them can handle? Does more trouble lie ahead, or have they already seen the worst there is to come?

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