What happens when you find out that your whole life is a lie, and the people you love aren’t who they say they are?

The last time Sanaa saw her husband, he was lying on the floor of their bedroom fighting for his life. Scared out of her mind, she skipped town and never looked back. Now, in Texas, the self-proclaimed bad girl is on the run for her life. It took some time to get adjusted to her new surroundings in the south, but she’s finally started over and is enjoying the peace away from her hometown. That is until she finds out what happens after you run off on the plug twice.

Yaseer had a brush would death that would forever change his outlook on his precious Sanaa. Months after being shot and left for dead by his disloyal wife, he’s left to pick up the pieces. Being the plug affords him certain perks in life, like having great reach. When he finally locates his wife and finds out how she’s been living in Texas, he’s forced to make a tough decision. One that could put a deadly end to the infamous saying “once the plug’s wife, forever the plug’s wife.”

Now that the truth is out, lines have been crossed, and disloyalty is at an all time high. The plot thickens. What happens when the King and Queen of New York are reunited? Next move? Find out in Forever The Plug’s Wife 2.

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