The thought of Nomi not being in Shooter and Ari’s life is not a reality that anyone is ready to face. The pending charges that are threatening to separate Nomi from her new family has Shooter willing to risk everything to fix this situation as he has always done for the ones he loves the most.

Nomi has already lost one family, and now she is forced to deal with the fact that she may lose Shooter and Ari while serving a prison sentence. Will Nomi be able to beat the charges against her, or will she have to accept the fact that behind bars is where she will spend the next few years?

Dreek and Riv are finally in a good place, but old habits die hard, and Dreek is not ready to let his go just yet. Life forces Dreek to become responsible overnight, and one careless act may be enough to destroy all that he and Riv have built.

The past keeps coming back to remind these two couples of their mistakes and shortcomings. Will they be able to survive the turmoil or was it too good to be true? In the end, no matter the outcome, everyone will realize that the trillest kind of love will always leave you Faded.

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