Young is not a man who gives himself freely. The streets taught him to trust no one, and that love was the downfall of every man, so when he opened up to Stony, it was not something that anyone expected. Young fell fast and hard in a way that left him vulnerable. Unfortunately, that was the worst mistake he ever made.

When he finds out that the Dorrian family, Stony included, had singlehandedly destroyed his heart and his career, he shuts everyone out. At this point, his only option is to put himself first.

Stony had lived her life by her family’s expectations and under their control until she met Young. Even though her life was exposed and turned upside down, she realized that she had to grow up and take control. The worst part was that she gained that insight right when her father had potentially ruined her life and destroyed any chance she had of finding forever with Young. Her pride is damaged, and her heart is broken.

Ashlyn is falling fast, and Papa is right there with her. She forces him to recognize the fact that his life is not as complete as he thought it was. Because of that, he knows that it’s time to leave the streets behind so he can give her all of him without fear or hesitation.

Will it be as easy as he thinks, or will he have to walk away and let her live her life until he’s in a position to give her all that he knows she deserves?

Even if you find the one who is Better Than Your Ex, the universe might not play nice enough to let you have your happily ever after, but when it’s for you, no one can stop you from having it, or can they?

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