In order to elevate to your highest self all of the pieces have to be in place. It’s impossible to flourish and blossom if you’re compromising who you are just to achieve a specific goal. That applies to #health #wealth #family #friendships #success


More often than not, we find ourselves at a crossroad. There are always those pivotal moments where we have to decide if “it’s really worth it”.


Success is tempting! Who doesn’t want to have it all? That’s an easy answer but the deeper question is at what cost?


If you have to comprise what you deserve to reach your goals or if you have to comprise who you are to have it all, do you “really” have it all? No relationship and no achievement is worth losing pieces of yourself and what you find out when it’s all said and done is that you’ll never truly be happy because you’re no longer whole!


Maintain the essence of you, never settle when it comes to your success and your happiness and always demand your worth! When you start functioning off of those simple rules the world will open up and the universe will bless you with endless blessing and opportunities!