Sophie Prescott is living a life that most people only dream of. At twenty-six years of age, she is the CEO of one of the largest marketing firms in the country. Sophie is an overachiever in every area, except her love life. Finding the right guy seems to be an impossible task when you’re wealthy, beautiful, and brilliant. A bizarre mix-up at a restaurant forces Sophie to cross paths with the dangerously sexy Trooper Carter. Although Sophie is convinced that he is definitely not her type, she can’t seem to get him off her mind.

Trooper Carter lives life on his terms and answers to no one. Despite his humble beginnings as the abandoned child of drug-addicted parents, Trooper has made a success of himself, and now life is great. His good looks make him very popular with the ladies, and he is only too happy to give them what they want… on his terms. He is willing to share his body, but his heart is off limits.

When Sophie and Carter meet, their dislike for each other is as strong as their attraction. As soon as they decide to let their guard down and give each other a chance, all hell seems to break loose. Faced with opposition from Sophie’s family, crazy exes, and even the help, the young lovers must decide if a chance at love is really worth all the trouble.

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