KC Mills is an international bestselling author, speaker, and CEO. She is the founder of Supreme Works Publications and is notably known for her work in urban literature. Ranked along with well respected authors including: Danielle Steele and James Patterson, Mills has 90 books which have hit number 1 bestsellers. She has proven herself as a leader in her industry with over 100 successful books written and published within a three year timeframe. She is committed to bringing exceptional literary works that offer a romantic twist, as well as subtlety veering away from the norm. She still however leaves you captivated by her stories, characters and always wanting more. Mills’ current focus is her cross over to the script writing arena where she will begin writing for some of Atlanta’s top production companies and the nation’s most notable television networks.

In addition to being one of the top urban literature authors in the nation, her passion as an author and reader combined with her savvy business sense fueled her desire to want to mentor and introduce other authors to the world. This is what inspired her to build Supreme Works Publications. Since its inception, Supreme has championed over 30 authors, 3 of whom have hit number 1 bestsellers, and the company has published over 300 books. Combining her passion and experience of building leading authors, KC will soon announce dates for upcoming author training bootcamps and retreats which will be held nationwide.


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