Royal finally gets the chance to face off with his egg donor, and it doesn’t end well. He makes a decision that permanently changes things for him. After their encounter, Royal realizes that life is short and he needs to get it together, so he finally decides to tell Lace how he really feels.
Karter is on the grind, trying to locate Los so that he can put an end to the street war that was started when he decided that he couldn’t live without Mo, but Los somehow gets the upper hand, putting Mo in danger.
Kay and Lane are finally figuring things out after she decides to let Kay prove that he’s the man of he dreams, but they face conflict when Kay decides that he’s ready for a family and Lane fears that motherhood is not for her.
Things were good with Shine and Meka until his past catches up with him and Asia shows up at their house, dropping a bomb that may tear Meka and Shine apart for good, although Shine has his mind made up that he and Meka are forever.
King and Free finally welcome baby Imani into the world, but complications with her delivery have them both on edge. Once she arrive happy and healthy, things go back to normal, until King gets a call from prison that he definitely wasn’t expecting.
Everyone assumed that things would finally get back to normal once they settled all of their street wars, but they quickly learn that family and relationship drama turns out to be far more stressful and intense than any street life they were ever faced with. The girls and the guys all have unbreakable bonds, but will their relationships survive as life happens without warning?

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